2016 Business Meeting Materials

Please note, a printed copy of the business meeting materials will be provided to Fall Summit attendees in the registration materials provided at the registration desk in Omaha.

Fifteenth Annual Fall Summit
Business Meeting Agenda

Friday, November 18, 2016
3:45p.m. – 4:15p.m.
Hilton Omaha

Omaha, NE

Meeting Room – Blackstone Ballroom, 2nd Floor

 I. Call to Order / Report to Members
Larry Lemos

 II. Secretary's Report
     2015 Business Meeting Minutes

Sharon Pearce
 III. Treasurer's Report
Cheryl Hoying
 IV. Election of New Coordinating Team Members
Larry Lemos

 V. Alliance Program Testimonials
     Nurse in Washington Internship
     Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy

Donna Morgan
Sharon Johnson

 VI. Announcement of the 2016 Alliance Strategic Plan 
Larry Lemos
 VII. Announcement of the 2017 Fall Summit Site
Larry Lemos

 VIII. Additional Business
Larry Lemos

 XI. Adjournment
Larry Lemos

The Alliance provides a forum for identification, education, and collaboration building on issues of common interest so Alliance members can advance the nursing profession in a cohesive way. The Alliance does not have delegated authority to speak for nursing or any member organization. The members of The Alliance are represented by the chief elected officers and chief staff officers.

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